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Here’s What We Do For Property Investors

How We Can Help You Invest In Property

We help clients all across the country to find the perfect place. We take into account your personal situation and needs and scour the market to find the best property. We don’t receive kickbacks or commissions from developers or builders, so you can be sure we have your best interests at heart
It can be challenging and knowing where to buy and what to buy can be confusing. By working with expert advisors, we can easily help you find the best solution for your first investment and make the daunting process simple
Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail! You’ve heard the saying, but it’s right! PPI planners will create a tailored financial plan for you. This will make your decision making process a whole lot easier
The majority of Australians don’t know where to invest. We help you find the best location that will perform just as you need it to so you can make real wealth.
Already a real estate investor or owner and want to invest in more? We’re the experts in helping investors build a multi tier portfolio.
Using a SMSF for real estate investment can be a great thing, but its not easy and its not for everyone. Our Financial Planners will help you and make it as easy as it should be

What We Stand For

PPI Advice strive to empower each and every one of our clients to achieve their goals through investing in property. To do this we believe that education, teamwork and action is paramount, thus making investing profitable and easy.

What Our Clients Say


Source: The Armidale Express

Daryl is investing with PPI Advice in a small lot development site in Coorparoo, Brisbane and has been extremely happy with the outcome he has received by the team. Initially engaging with our buyers agent service without an in-depth understanding of his potential, he quickly decided that he required support to help him plan. Then he utilised our BA service to source a small development site and allow the development team to manage the entire process. His site was purchased in late 2014 and he is currently in construction stage (having gained development approval) via our development management team. He is now set to realise a total profit of more than $300,000 plus a net passive income of around $10,000 p/a within a 24 month timeframe. 

“We were very impressed with the level of expertise and service that PPI provided in assisting us in purchasing an investment property in Brisbane. Their guidance and support was invaluable particularly as we are Sydney based and had little knowledge of the Brisbane market.

From our initial conversations with them, PPI ascertained and helped develop our investment criteria and strategy and then very quickly assisted in formulating a plan and buying parameters for appropriate property types and locations. With this information, PPI soon came back to us with six properties within areas they believed (from their background research and experience) that had potential for our purchase. In consultation with PPI we were able to narrow this down and purchased the property in six days.

PPI were very professional and efficient covered all aspects of the acquisition process including conducting inspections, making an offer on our behalf, negotiating the price, arranging property and pest reports (then negotiating a further $5,000 reduction in the purchase price) as well as providing recommendations for conveyances. They have also provided advice on cost effective repairs etc. to maximise rental income and attractiveness for prospective tenants.

We would definitely recommend PPI to anyone looking to buy an investment property in Brisbane.”

– Colleen and Simon S, Sydney.

It’s easy to give Matt and PPI a good reference because I’ve told many of my friends what a good experience it’s been, buying a house through PPI. Firstly and very importantly, choosing to go with a Buyer’s agent and pay an upfront fee meant that the job got done. I’d been held back by the aversion to schlepping around, pouring over the internet, searching exhaustively, and then maybe being disappointed in a competitive market: I’ve done it before and its a massive undertaking to see enough properties, to do enough homework to be able to recognise a good buy when you see one – and so its easy to lose focus or  become dispirited when you miss out. With an agent and an ongoing conversation, you’re kept accountable to the decision to buy and you benefit from their extensive local knowledge and market savvy…. Read Full Testimonial – Nick fury, Sydney.

How Are We Different?


Property/Real Estate Investment Updates

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