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About Us

PPI was founded by two joint business partners and associates, Josh Atherton & Matt Wall. Together, they created a successful company based on their vision to deliver a transparent fee for service business that always has the best interests of the client and investor at their core.

The PPI group is committed to providing property investing clients across the country with the most professional and personalised support and investment advice available in the country, so that each and every client can achieve their financial goals using property as the main asset class.

The team of certified financial planners and buyers agents all specialising in property investment have decades of experience within the Australian property investing marketplace. We don’t believe that ‘one size fits all’ or that our clients should follow the success of any one person. That’s why we focus on working with each individual and provide specific, bespoke and personalised advice to suit each clients situation and we believe that is the way of the future in what has been a very unregulated market.


Our Vision

PPI strive to be the largest, most trusted network of property investors and affiliates in Australia while remaining a client centric organisation.


Our Mission

PPI strive to empower each and every one of our clients to achieve their goals through property investing. To do this we believe that education, teamwork and action is paramount, thus making property investing profitable and easy for every person.

Our Values

RELATIONSHIPS are the foundation to everything we do. Creating valued, long term relationships with our clients, staff and business partners will take precedence over any other activity.
 EDUCATION is the key to empowering people to achieve. This counts for property investing too. With the right education, we believe that people can aim and achieve higher.
 EXCELLENCE is paramount to achieving great results. Everything we do and empower our clients to do is to surpass ordinary standards in order to get a better result. 
 INTEGRITY should show through everything we achieve. Only then can we provide property investors with a truly exceptional result for the advancement of their wealth. 
 TRANSPARENCY  is the key to trust. Founded with the right relationships, we commit to being open and honest to our clients. As any business, we charge for services. We don’t see any problem with this, as long as our clients know how much and see the value in our qualifications, experience and the outcomes we provide, then we are satisifed.
 EMPOWERMENT can change the lives of individuals and communities. We believe that by not just ‘doing’ but ‘showing’, we can be a part of long term solutions aiding in the advancement of both individuals and communities financial lives.
 INNOVATION is at the forefront of creating a different result than what is normal. As the Australian property market changes, so must the way we invest in property in order to achieve our goals. To help our clients innovate, we too innovate as a business committed to helping our clients invest in property.
 TEAMWORK will allow everyone to achieve. No great man or accomplishment was ever successful on their own. Everything we do is based on the skills, knowledge, support, actions and innovation of our staff and clients. Through teamwork we can help each other create the results we want.
PEOPLE are the foundation of our success. We value our staff, stakeholders, business alliances and most importantly, our clients. Without all of those people we would not be able to succeed. By putting our clients first, we believe that our business will prosper for generations to come.