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Nothing satisfies the team at PPI more than executing a strategy and delivering tangible results for each and every client. The testimonies below are just some of our clients who have experienced success by working closely with the team at PPI.

Every new client has the opportunity to work with one of our property advisers we they can help you no matter what stage of investing you find yourself at. Whether you are a new investor starting out and wanting help to build your plan and produce your blueprint for financial success or you are a sophisticated investor, where you might be confronted with multiple entity challenges, or simply have accrued properties that arent delivering you the return to help fast track your retirement plans then PPI investment advice is for you.

Source: The Armidale Express

Daryl is investing with PPI Advice in a small lot development site in Coorparoo, Brisbane and has been extremely happy with the outcome he has received by the team. Initially engaging with our buyers agent service without an in-depth understanding of his potential, he quickly decided that he required support to help him plan. Then he utilised our BA service to source a small development site and allow the development team to manage the entire process. His site was purchased in late 2014 and he is currently in construction stage (having gained development approval) via our development management team. He is now set to realise a total profit of more than $300,000 plus a net passive income of around $10,000 p/a within a 24 month timeframe.



Dear PPI Advice,

We live in Sydney, so we knew that purchasing an investment property in another state was going to be a huge challenge and time consuming endeavour. We knew it would be even harder, as we specifically wanted to find a property that we could add value to, improving the yield, but most importantly had development potential.

We decided to source and compare numerous buyers’ agencies in Brisbane to take the pressure off us and to save us time. From the agencies contacted, PPI Advice impressed us the most and ticked all the boxes. From the start, the teams experience and knowledge was paramount with various strategies outlined that could o reach our desired outcome.

PPI’s track record with these types of properties is second to none, and the result for us is that we have bought the perfect house in an area that we had originally presumed we couldn’t afford. PPI Advice was able to get our house off market, which enabled us to save on the purchase price, as we were not competing against other bidders/offers.

The team acted on our behalf the entire time and implemented the chosen strategy effortlessly, enabling us to sit back and watch the magic happen. Within hours of submitting an offer, the contract was signed, sealed and delivered!

Communication is important, and the team at PPI Advice exceeded our expectations, we were kept up to date throughout the entire process and always knew what was going on.

We would wholeheartedly recommend PPI Advice to anyone who is looking to purchase property in Brisbane and the cost we paid for their services was definitely worth it, as we actually saved money engaging them due to purchasing our property off market.

We will be definitely using you again if the time arises.

– Emily & Blake, Sydney

It’s easy to give Matt and PPI a good reference because I’ve told many of my friends what a good experience it’s been, buying a house through PPI. Firstly and very importantly, choosing to go with a Buyer’s agent and pay an upfront fee meant that the job got done. I’d been held back by the aversion to schlepping around, pouring over the internet, searching exhaustively, and then maybe being disappointed in a competitive market: I’ve done it before and its a massive undertaking to see enough properties, to do enough homework to be able to recognise a good buy when you see one – and so its easy to lose focus or  become dispirited when you miss out. With an agent and an ongoing conversation, you’re kept accountable to the decision to buy and you benefit from their extensive local knowledge and market savvy.

 It took me a week or two and several conversations with Matt to understand the service being offered and to feel comfortable with PPI. Paying a flat fee means the Agent gets paid whether I get a good buy or a bad buy, and when I asked Matt how could I be assured of a good result, his answer struck me as genuinely authentic: It comes down to trust: PPI’s ongoing success is dependent on the quality of referrals they get, so they are incentivised to make sure I’m happy, because I’m their lifeline to future business.
I was impressed with PPI’s process. First, we spent a good amount of time discussing exactly what I was looking for and how much I wanted to pay so we could clearly define a brief. That was then written up and forwarded to me so there could be no misunderstanding about objectives. Then we spent more time looking at options; different types of houses in different situations and areas that conformed to the brief, that then allowed us to further tightly define what I was looking for. This proved to be a fruitful education as PPI’s knowledge and experience came to the fore and opened my eyes to more profitable possibilities.  Emails and phone calls were returned promptly and thoughtfully which gave me further confidence in the process.
After not too long we found what seemed to be a genuinely good opportunity, which would tick all the boxes in terms of serviceability and capital growth potential. It was a bit more than I wanted to pay and so had some reservations and fluctuating feelings.There was never any pressure from PPI – I felt fully in control and appreciated Matt’s boundary setting in terms of not trying to influence me one way or the other.
In the end the transaction went through in a highly professional and thorough way that left me very satisfied and grateful. I have recommended PPI to a number of my friends already. – Nick Fury, Sydney.