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How to buy investment properties

Knowing how to buy investment properties is paramount to creating a successful property investment portfolio. At PPI when we talk about ‘How to Buy’, we are talking about the result you need to get from your investment property portfolio and your next property investment purchase as well as all of the different methods and structures you can use to build a portfolio and buy investment properties.

Fundamentally, people buy investment properties to achieve capital growth over a long period of time. However to successfully do this you must have as much exposure to the real estate market as possible. Put simply, the higher the value of your portfolio the more capital growth you can achieve. In order to own as much real estate as possible, you need to ensure you can pay for it along the way, as well as structure your portfolio to leverage for growth as well as reduce tax.

Sounds complicated? For many tax payers it is. For us, it’s quite simple really.

We work with our clients to discover all the outcomes you need from property investing including capital growth, cash flow, tax minimisation, instant equity, Self Managed Super Fund holding and Developing just to name a few.

Once we have a buying strategy in place we can then work with you to look at what type of property to buy which will help you achieve your financial goals.