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Capital Growth

Capital growth is the increase in the value of your investment property portfolio over time and should be
considered alongside the yield from the property. Investing in areas with potential for high
capital growth can see your property values double over a short period of time, adding
significant passive wealth.

The rate of capital growth largely depends on where and what type of investment property you
are buying. Historically australian real estate experiences steady growth over the long term. A focused
capital growth strategy is still very popular amongst property investors, and through extensive
research you can maximise your capital growth and wealth potential for your portfolio by
buying investment property wisely.

In Australia, history has proven that property at least doubles every 7 – 10 years. That is a
growth rate of 7.2% per annum.

PPI’s PropertyCoach clients are supported by our expert property investment consultants to identify
areas which offer the highest capital growth potential before the rest of the market knows
about it. Ultimately by being one step ahead of everyone else you will gain the maximum
return on investment for your property portfolio.

As part of this independent investment property advice some of the key indicators of capital
growth in which we educate and provide resources to our coaching clients include the ripple
effect, current and proposed infrastructure, assessing demographics, population growth and
migration, supply and demand and many more.

Portfolio Property Investments PropertyCoaching service is backed by the most robust and
exhaustive data anywhere and screened by a team of in-house analysts to help you identify
and select the right property in key capital growth areas to ensure you generate solid
appreciation throughout your portfolio.