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Cash Flow Positive

Positive cash flow properties can be an excellent source of ongoing passive income which
assist greatly to a property investors serviceability for the continued growth of your
investment property portfolio.

As positive cash flow property also increases your serviceability it helps makes you more
attractive to lenders. By having an increased income and therefore giving you the ability to
increase your borrowings you may gain access to additional and more attractive leverage and
grow your portfolio faster.

Our coaches may also recommend this strategy to clients wishing to balance their portfolio,
the extra income from the positive cash flow properties may be used to cover any shortfall
relating to costs of holding high capital growth properties or development projects for fast
equity creation.

PPI’s property investment consultants can provide expert insight on how to find the best cash
flow positive investment deals on the market that are in line with your personally tailored
overall strategy to ensure you are buying the right type of investment property, select the best
area in the current market, are able to analyse the cash flow feasibility of the investment and
ensure that you don’t make any costly errors on your investment journey.

Can I have Cash Flow and Capital Growth?

The short answer is YES, positive cash flow and capital growth is possible. Many suburbs with positive rental yields make it more appealing for tenants to actually purchase property, as it could be cheaper for them to buy then to rent. This increases the demand to purchase from both owner occupiers and investors who are wanting to achieve the positive cash flow that the suburb is providing.

We also educate our clients on how to convert a property into a positive cash flow property
through value adding and equity recycling strategies, and can provide additional assistance
for securing property management and maximising the returns of existing rentals.