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Equity Creation

The Australian property market offers a diverse range of opportunities for investors. Buying
investment property within the right market, timing the market correctly and honing in on
select properties can provide investors with instant equity.

This strategy may be ideal for investors looking to gain short term instant equity to be able to
aggressively grow portfolios; accumulating multiple properties in the short term to achieve
your wealth creation goals for the short term and wealth and income goals for the medium
and long term.

There are several strategies for rapid equity creation from developing to buying investment
properties off the plan and acquiring property at a discount.

Buying investment property for at least 20% below current market value can be achieved in
numerous ways such as purchasing wholesale, liquidated stock under possession, urgent
sales, value- adding opportunities, purchasing in a depressed market, acquiring unsold lots
from developers, etc.

PPI’s property investment consultants coach and educate our clients on how to find the best
investment property deals on the market Australia wide with personally tailored strategies.