Josh’s TOP 5 resources he uses every day when investing in property

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Josh’s TOP 5 resources he uses every day when investing in property

Heres a list of the top 5 Resources I use everyday when investing in property.

This resource is affordable, and, when used correctly can save you thousands of dollars when negotiating for a property to purchase. I use it not only to find the true value of a property by doing my own CMA’s (Comparative Market Analysis’) but also when negotiating with an agent to justify my offer so both the agent and the vendor can be informed. See Subscriptions start from $99 per month. Or arrange this through PPI

2. PPI Property Education Guide
This 13-module education guide has been developed internally through PPI and covers a multitude of topics in residential property investing. Whenever our clients hit a roadblock they use this resource before going anywhere else to find the facts or steps when investing. Contact PPI for more information.

3. Property Investment Calculator
This affordable piece of software is perfect to analyse the potential cash flow of your next investment. When you need to change a factor, all your information is saved and you can create different scenarios with any variable to see how your property would perform. You should know what your property is costing, to the cent. It has a 30 day trial which can often suffice for many investors while they are buying a property. Or, for $99 once off its yours. see

Whenever I’m researching an area, I want to know all about the people living there. There are a lot of great sites that provide statistical information, but no better site than it has more combined, and easy to digest information than any other site out there. You can create population reports, economic reports and more. Better yet, its free! See

5. Council Websites
I use this especially when developing property. Information is freely available these days and more accessible than ever. You can source DA plans from other local developments even! Use the ‘planning’ section on each council site you visit for the best information. You will make use of the town plans, local development applications etc. There’s a myriad of information so be sure to have some patience when doing your research on a council website. However, you’ll be rewarded with some great information as you dig deep into a local area.

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Josh’s passion to see people achieve more in life led him to found PPI from a background of avid property investing, developing, construction and real estate experience. Josh is continually sought after to provide commentary and opinions in some of the countries leading magazines and property forums. Through innovative property investing methods Josh provides platforms for PPI’s clients to build property portfolios outside of the norm.