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A little change in the air for PPI

[wooslider slider_type=”attachments” limit=”2″] For those of you who have been with us for some time now, you’ll know that we aren’t adverse to a little change. For years now we have grown and progressed to fulfil our vision of becoming Australia’s largest and most trusted property investing network. As you know, we merged with MBI Advice last year and the transition has provided some great outcomes and synergies for PPI and you as our client. Providing a full financial advisory service tailored to property investors and an independent buyers agency service has seen us create some outstanding results for property investors. However as many of you know the property industry is full of all sorts of operators. Very few advice providers are actually licensed to provide personalised financial advice to clients as all of their “advice” is general in nature. We’ve worked really hard and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide a service that truly is different than the rest.

As a result of the market competitors we want to distinguish our brand to be as different as it really is. Heres our main gripes in the industry…

1. Buyers Agents giving ‘investment advice’. Buyers Agents are licensed real estate agents who act on behalf of the buyer. They are not financial planners and are not qualified to give investment or financial advice.

2. Property Marketers giving ‘investment advice’. When someone has the ability to sell you a property, often off the plan or a house and land package. They stand to make a commission from it. These operators are selling property, not “advisers”.

3. Property Advisors or Coaches providing ‘Plans’ or ‘Investment Plans’. People are paying big fees to get big advice and help, however these coaching programs and mentors are not licensed financial advisers and cannot or are not licensed to help you develop a tailored path to financial freedom where you create enough passive income and build enough net assets to retire the way you would like. Not to mention the advice and discussions that must occur around structuring, taxation, risk mitigation, debt management, exit strategies etc. These guys are continually caught out in the industry and are not licensed to provide the advice that they tell you they will give.

4. Financial Advisers telling people that property is a bad investment. Not all financial advisers are against property, however the focus of most financial advisers are Funds Under Management (FUM) and insurance. whilst these are two vital ways for managing finances, theres always been a gap for financial advisers when it comes to providing holistic property investment advice and support.

As a result of those 4 gripes in our industry, we want to position our brands in the marketplace strategically. We want the market to recognise our advice as actual advice, not related to the above providers and the way they operate. Whilst we don’t always abhor them, we want property investors to recognise the significant difference in the service we provide them. We want our investment into training, regulation, compliance, insurance and administration to be recognised by the market place.

So, ill get to my point now. As we have duly operated a financial planning division and a buyers agency division under the one banner, Portfolio Property Investments, we have decided to split our services into two distinct, yet unified service brands. Keeping true to our past, the brand Portfolio Property Investments will remain as part of as, from here on in referred to as ‘PPI’. Our two new brands will be “PPI Investment Advice & PPI Property Advice”. You can find the PPI Property Advice website at www.ppipropertyadvice.com.au. Our old site will remain however the main URL will change to www.ppiinvestmentadvice.com.au. Over the year we are opening more offices so please be sure to keep up to date with contact information and the like.

We sincerely thank all of our loyal clients for your support so far and trust that this growth in our brands will assist to serve you even better! Happy investing!


Josh Atherton

Founder & CEO




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Josh’s passion to see people achieve more in life led him to found PPI from a background of avid property investing, developing, construction and real estate experience. Josh is continually sought after to provide commentary and opinions in some of the countries leading magazines and property forums. Through innovative property investing methods Josh provides platforms for PPI’s clients to build property portfolios outside of the norm.

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