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Property Investing Tips

Fundamentally, there are 2 main factors that need to be considered when buying an investment property. Alongside capital growth, cash flow is equally important. When you find a potential investment, the most important step is to crunch the numbers. Ensure you take into account all expenses and run them past your property advisor to ensure you haven’t missed anything.
One of the best sources for this is government websites. Use all three, the council, state and federal as all three departments may have different projects going on.  A simple google search will help, however be a little more patient and go through the first 10 pages of results, not just the first page. 
The ATO state that should an asset have been purchased for the intention of generating revenue, then all associated costs are tax deductible. The most common times this question is asked is when people are building an investment property. The rules clearly state that your interest is deductible immediately as long as all efforts are made to ensure the property is producing income as soon as practicable.  
Buying an investment property off the plan can be just as rewarding as it can be risky. It is not an investment that should be taken lightly. Without the right, sound property investment advice you can fall into a number of traps which could cost you thousands and be quite stressful. Essentially, there are many unknown factors when buying off the plan such as:

–       The value of the property when you settle

–       The Body Corporate fees

–       Renting the properties out

–       Time of construction

–       Finance approvals upon completion

–       Sunset clause terms

–       Quality of the finished product