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Property Planning

Property is one of the most popular strategies for Australians to build wealth. We understand that shares, bonds, direct equities and managed funds play a vital part in someone’s balanced asset allocation and financial position, however as we all know property forms a vital component of most investors financial position. Australians are continually drawn to property as the most popular asset class of choice but where do they go for independent and unbiased support, education, strategic insight to help them on this very important decision making journey?

Most investors try to invest on their own which can often create major financial or emotional challenges in the future (that are almost always avoidable). At PPI we aim to deliver first class, professional property planning for those Australians that choose property when investing.

Our team are made up of specialised property experts such as qualified property experts, buyers agents, development managers and property managers, who are all property investors in their own right. As a business we like to educate and expose our clients to every viable strategy that may suit their specific financial goals, risk profile and stage of life in order for a collective “buy in” on the defined strategy to deploy. From there we all set a course together to achieve this plan within the confines of the predefined  timeframes set out within the property plan.

Our property experts all love property and understand what is needed to help to use it in the right way to build equity and where possible a passive income. This often provides a vital platform when helping to achieve financial goals in a more safer and tighter timeframe. This is all at the discretion of the client to elect to have this planning and support in order to keep your plan on track every step of the way.

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Why Don’t People Get Ahead?

There don’t seem to be any secrets here…

Capturejhgh No Plan

Capturejhgh Spending more than they earn

Capturejhgh Lack of knowledge

Capturejhgh Procrastination – inaction

Capturejhgh Fear

Capturejhgh Psychological factors

Capturejhgh No team to help action the steps needed to succeed

These are the fundamentals. Human nature is that we tend to ignore them! Often we ignore the most important things and taking action on our own is not always easy. We all know the fundamentals of good health, eating right, getting plenty of exercise, plenty of rest, no smoking etc… but how many of us do it? The same can be said for our financial health.


How Can Our Team at PPI Advice Help You?

Capturejhgh We provide professional Property Planning & Support.

Capturejhgh PPI Advice are PIPA qualified which means we hold the highest qualifications as property experts with integrity.

Capturejhgh We recommend property strategies and help you to deploy these strategies using our expertise, experience and networks.

Capturejhgh You can choose one or all of our divisions to help you, depending on your situation and expertise.

Capturejhgh We are a one stop shop for investors looking for help to start or continue building their property portfolio effectively.

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Our Solution

Here is a suggested list for financial health.

Capturejhgh Work out your goals

Capturejhgh Spend less than you earn

Capturejhgh Invest the surplus

Capturejhgh Have a plan to achieve your goals

Capturejhgh Acquire knowledge

Capturejhgh Put the plan into action

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