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Discount Buying

Buying discount investment property can be a great way for investors to create instant equity
and profit and enjoy a secure position when holding property. With an understanding of the
market in your desired location, you can search for opportunities that have vendors looking
for a quick exit, allowing you to create a mutually beneficial offer and generate some great
equity gains in the short term.

Not only does Portfolio Property Investments educate and coach clients on researching and
buying discount investment property under this strategy, we helo our clients become market
ready so you can be sure you are in a position to take advatnage of any discount buying
opportunities that come your way. You can be sure that if there is a great deal to be had,
you’re not the only one looking. The expertise and experience of PPI certified coaches will
help you ensure you stand out above the rest in the buying process to come out ahead.

Investors working with PPI property investment consultants enjoy a better understanding of
the property market, where an area is on the property clock, the different property types to
invest in under this strategy, how to conduct effective due diligence on a property, how to
negotiate the best deal, and much more. Furthermore, our coaches are available to assist our
clients with any questions and guide them through the whole process from start to finish in
order to achieve the maximum possible return on investment.

Portfolio Property Investments recommends purchasing property under this strategy for at
least 5% – 20% below current market value in which can be achieved in a number of ways
such as purchasing wholesale, liquidated stock under possession, urgent sales, valueadding
opportunities, purchasing in a depressed market, acquiring unsold lots from
developers, etc

The property market cycle varies from state to state in Australia offering a diverse range of
opportunities for property investors to purchase a bargain and achieve instant equity.
To find out more about identifying and locating these opportunities for buying discount
investment property contact the PPI team today.