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Existing Property Purchases

There are a number of solutions for buying investment property to build wealth and increase
passive income. Purchasing established properties is one, and perhaps the most common
that most property investors are accustomed to.

Established properties can include stand-alone houses, apartment units or townhouses which
have been lived in as opposed to being brand new. They can be acquired, have value added
and be resold quickly or make up a part of a long term property within a portfolio.
Perhaps the foremost advantages of buying established investment property is being able to
use the vendor’s motivation to negotiate a great discount. Though there are many other
benefits of this type of investment too, including often being already occupied and producing
rental income from day one.

PPI’s property investment consultants can help you evaluate these opportunities for buying
established investment property, advise on conducting due diligence and make sure they are
a good fit for your portfolio or SMSF strategy, while PPI’s buyers’ agent team can provide
expert negotiation assistance for the best possible price and terms.
Contact us today to to see how our team can help increase your returns through our buyers