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Strata Title & Subsdividing

Strata titling and subdividing can be excellent and highly profitable tools for wealth creation
when buying investment property, and Portfolio Property Investments has made this even
easier through access to specialised property investment consultants and a panel of experts,
as well as research on the best opportunities.

Strata Titling involves the ownership of a set of units/flats that are currently on one title, and
splitting that title so that each unit/flat on the block has an individual title. This enables you to
sell each of the units individually for more profit rather than as a set. Subdivision is the
process of dividing a single piece of property into separate lots, which will be sold off
individually as either a house or land to dramatically increase yields.

Strata title and the subdivision strategy add immediate value to your investment and is a
strategy PPI property investment consultants may recommend for clients within their
investment plan if suited.

This investment strategy works on the principle that two pieces of property are worth more
than one. Sophisticated investors make large amounts of money in a small time frame, simply
by using this strategy however it does require greater caution, due diligence, council
applications and approval requires the assistance of a good panel of elite professionals to
execute it in the most profitable and low risk way.

Within this strategy it is important to target the right kind of property in the right area and
conduct the required research to ensuring you are able to get council approval on the
property before making the purchase. What are the appropriate zoning, are there any
caveats, overlays, real rental and resale opportunities?

Portfolio Property Investments coach and educate our clients to be aware of what’s involved
with strata titling or the subdivision process and working with us you will be coached
throughout this process to ensure you make the right decisions all the way through from
buying investment properties to council application to the selling process.